Love is important even though we have midterms

It was the last week of classes that winter. For Lily, it was never too cold or too stressful for finals and papers. She had a lot of them of course, but for her it was the season to go back to her home and see her family after a year of separation.

Thursday was the worst and the best. An astronomy lecture at 8 in the morning and a lab at 7 in the evening. “How did I make a schedule like this?” She thought to herself, waking up in her dorm and looking over at her roommate who does not have class until lunch. “Good morning!” She whispered to herself in the mirror, “Who knows what’s going to happen to you today.”

Because it was the last astronomy lecture before the final, everybody was there this time, including faces no one has ever seen. Lily was a bit late. Well it was 8 in the morning! When she entered the classroom, Vivian and Emily were already there, sitting together and having a spot for Lily. It’s so nice to have some friends, not too many, two is enough. She waved to the girls while her eyes caught something different. The teacher stood in front of the classroom with a lot of numbers written behind him on the chalkboard. What?! This happened once before. It was a week after a midterm. The teacher told the class, then lacking half of its audience, that students with these ID numbers should be worrying of failing this course. What! Mine is on the board this time. Even weirder, Vivian and Emily looked back at her strangely and gestured her to see the teacher. Lily failed to read what was in their eyes. It’s going to be OK, she thought, fixing her eyes on her shoes as she approached the bearded astronomer who always reminds Lily of Super Mario somehow.

“Hi, eh, my number is on the board.” I hate this!

“Ok, good.” he nodded and then smiled, picking something from the desk. Lily was fainting. Though she is not a smart student, she has never failed a class. Well this time it is really hard, with all the moons and suns and wavelengths - who knows what’s going on, and we studied the tricky luminosity! The concepts were very confusing. “But you worked hard as well” Lily said to herself. I couldn’t believe this. Listen, he’s talking to you. The teacher picked up the smallest black dot from a red cloth and said, “So here’s something for you. It’s your reward for coming to the class every time. It’s a meteoroid.”

“Oh god,” she almost said I love you, “I love meteoroids!”

A year ago when she came to this country alone, Lily never thought it would be anything like what she is experiencing now. What she dreamed was better. But she likes what she is having. Life is surprising, always. 

-Chuying Xie