The Redemption for Chicago Sports

A Football Season To Be Forgotten

Well it is that time of the year for a Chicago sports fan: Bulls preseason is beginning and the Bears season has already ended. Many people around the country are thrilled for fall football. NOT ME. It is a time of infinite disappointment, fueled by terrible football and constant mockery from every fan in the NFC North. The Vikings have traversed immense obstacles in their offseason and are putting together a fantastic season thus far. Seriously, I’m happy for Vikings fans and don’t care too much about their comments towards my Bears. For the Packers fans it is the same old trash talking. We get it, you guys have had a great quarterback ever since the Brett Favre era. Whatever. However, when you find yourself behind both of these teams and the DETROIT LIONS, there is a problem. A BIG ONE.

And Then There Was Hope

Alas there is still hope for all you Chicago fans out there. The Bulls preseason has commenced and we have hope for this upcoming season. For the first time in years we have made big moves during the offseason. It all began with our loss of our deadweight over the summer. When I found out that we got rid of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah I wept. Not from sadness, no these were tears of happiness. It was truly a moment of pure bliss. Both of these scrubs have been bringing down the Bulls and our cap space for years. Sure they were both some of the greatest in the league at one point in their career but they weren’t consistent.

Good Luck New York

Derrick Rose, the league’s youngest ever MVP, looked like he was destined for a hall of fame career. He like Icarus, flew too close to the sun. His aggressive, bombastic playstyle was too much for his own good. The drive-first mentality was unique to the league, maybe because of how dangerous it was to his body. He was worn and torn before the age of 25 and as everyone knows, he was subject to frequent knee injuries. The first time it happened Chicago was somber but supportive. Derrick was hometown boy and we weren’t about to leave his side. Nonetheless, it happened again, and again. By the third time I was fed up. At this point he was just getting paid to sit on the bench and watch us crumble in each forthcoming playoff.

            Good Luck New York Pt. 2

Joakim Noah followed the same storyline. He was always revered for his tenacious defense and passionate playstyle. He was in fact, a great defender but he couldn’t score if his life depended on it. Forget the time he was a front-runner for MVP. First he didn’t win. Second his stats were padded by the fact that this Bull’s roster was garbage. He played with heart and I can’t bash him for that but he became victim to frequent injuries just like Derrick. Jo was the type of player that I was happy to have, but I would’ve traded him in a heartbeat. I don’t care if you average 8 rebounds per game, we shouldn’t pay you like a star for those 4 points that you also average. I mean I’ve seen the guy miss layups. Good riddance.           

A Dimer In The Rough

Now that the deadweight is addressed I can focus on our acquisitions from the summer. To fill in the place of Derrick Rose, or more appropriately the backup guard that took the floor on most nights, we signed Rajon Rondo. This crafty point guard has been bouncing around the league recently but I think he has found a home in Chicago. Rondo is the pass-first point guard that we have been searching for. The guy is known for his passing prowess and his supporting cast will take full advantage of this. Between Wade and Butler he’s going to average at least 10 dimes a game.            

A Hometown Hero

Of course the biggest acquisition was the savvy veteran Dwayne Wade. With 3 rings already I can imagine he is ready for another championship. His role as the veteran will be crucial in the improvement of our young roster. Jimmy Butler is a tremendous talent but he can still learn a thing or two on becoming a superstar. Butler is not the only young gun that can learn from Wade. He will help shape McDermott, Mirotic, Portis, and Grant as they mature in the league. Age is just a number and Wade has proved his critics wrong again last year by averaging 19 points per game last year. Whether he is cutting to the basket or leading the team as a floor general, Wade is going to have another phenomenal year. Watch out Lebron… the Bulls are back and we’re hungry.

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