A playlist for yellow leaves and wool socks

Erik Starkman

Like many others, fall is my favorite season. As someone from northern Minnesota, I don’t love heat, so the opportunity to layer up and wear fun socks is something that I really like. Fall is denim jacket season, and that’s very important to me. Also, fall is beautiful. Nothing like decomposing, vibrant leaves falling while walking to class on a crisp morning. Fall is also interesting because it’s our last stop before the evils of winter, when it’s dark 100% of the time and too cold to even think about getting out of bed. If the end of summer has a sense of urgency to it, fall is the resigned realization that there’s nothing we can do to escape the cold. There’s something strangely alluring and powerful about that. Like spring, fall is over as quickly as it starts, but it doesn’t possess the sense of renewal that spring tends to bring about.

In the fall, I tend to prefer to listen to music that’s more pastoral and organic, with warm acoustic and electric guitars, and tempos that never creep above the mid-range. Songs that are melancholic but calm and strangely peaceful. Fall is a time of introspection, and the music I like in the fall tends to have lyrics with themes of isolation, nostalgia, and transition. I’ve made a playlist full of songs that I best think represent what I think of as “fall music.”

Hello, World!

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