An Hour in the Airport

An Hour in an Airport

-Jenny Ochu

6:02 – No one is in line at security! It’s a flyers dream come true. I love terminal 2!

6:03 – I hope he doesn’t notice my license is expired. Yes, I know it’s expired sir. That’s why I am going home to begin with. What if he doesn’t let me fly home? Oh no.

6:04 – Hmmm … he didn’t even notice. Some training TSA has. What if I was a terrorist or something?

6:05 – Why is the line for the x ray thingy so long? This is annoying. The guy behind me is annoying. No, your liquids cannot stay in your bag. Yes, your shoes and belt have to come off. Do not complain that your flight is boarding now. Think ahead stupid annoying guy.

6:10 – Alright, now where is my gate? I always do this. I should check my gate before going through security.

6:11 – Denver. Denver. Denver … oh there it is, gate H9.

6:13 – Why does it say my plane is leaving???? *has minor panic attack* Where’s my ticket? Why does it say I board at 7:10? Am I stupid? What is happening?

6:14 – Ohhh … the numbers are different. Not my plane. Thank god!

6:16 – Not thank god. Now I have to wait another hour. I wish I was on that plane. Thanks Dad.

6:18 - *opens computer* Why don’t airports have Wi-Fi yet? They are seriously so far behind. What do I do for an hour without Wi-Fi? Nothing. I do nothing for an hour without Wi-Fi.

6:19 – I know what I’ll do. I’ll write my blog post for CLAgency about my thoughts in the airport.

6:20 – Move Sun, move. You are right in my eyes. When do you go away? Ohh person. Wait. Stop. Stay. No. The sun is back in my face.

6:25 – Okay, well I still have 45 minutes, and all my rambling thoughts are on this page. What to do? What to do? What did I bring with me?

6:27 – My finance book. I’ll teach myself finance since that quiz today taught me that the PhD student professor cannot teach me finance. Am I really going to teach myself finance? This sucks.

6:32 – I am going to stab the sun. Can I wear sunglasses inside? Is that weird? I’m done with this teaching myself finance thing. I do not like finance.

6:35 – Ohh there’s a wine market and a bar. I can’t wait until I’m 21 … I am 21. Duh that’s why you are flying home on a Thursday. Stupid Colorado DMV.

6:36 – I wonder if airport wine is expensive though. It’s probably expensive. Wait. I can get wine on the plane! I bet that is more expensive. I hate being a broke college student. They should give me a broke college student discount.

6:40 – I’m hungry. I just ate Panda two hours ago. Why am I hungry again? I can smell that lady’s chex mix. Put it away. I have no money for airport foods.

6:41 - *Packs up all things to buy food and see if airport wine is expensive*

6:43 – Airport wine is expensive. I’ll buy food instead.

6:46 - *sits back down and opens computer and Cheez-its* My Cheez-its are all broken. That is a rip off. I want a refund and non-broken, crushed up Cheez-its.

6:47 – I feel like a five-year-old eating these. The kid next to me is eating a pretzel. What if I buy that wine? No. No. No. You don’t have enough money. No wine for you!

6:49 -  I have Cheez-it crumbs all over me.

6:53 – I’m so thirsty, but I don’t want to get up. I’ll eat twizzlers and then get up. And the sun is gone! What a pretty sunset.

7:00 – Only ten more minutes! This blog post is way too long, but I don’t want to delete any of it. What do I do? *deletes some of the blog post*

7:03 – Stop swinging your feet pretzel eating child. It shakes the seats. STOP!!

7:10 – Fill up the water bottle. Board the plane. This is it. And this blog post successfully entertained me for an hour in the airport.

7:11 – Noooo. The plane is deboarding. No one got off it yet. This sucks. Add on another fifteen minutes at least. *internally crying* and that child just gave me a dirty look …

7:21 – I get to board! Aww nuts, I’m section B. I hate southwest. Just give me an assigned seat. I will not sit in the middle. More waiting. Yay …


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