Think bigger about the U

Walking through campus, it becomes ritual to see students wandering from class to class, studying at the library, or taking an occasional nap in Coffman. It has become a habit for students to focus on just grades. All this is great, but I think the bigger picture of why we are at this University has become invisible to some.

For a great example, take a walk across our well-known Washington Avenue Bridge. Connecting our two banks, students tend to quickly move across the long bridge. But if you look just beyond campus, you see an amazing view of downtown. Yes, this could be used as a great Instagram, but also more. Us students are given an amazing opportunity, which is being so close to such a bustling and professional working city. But students tend to forget this, leaving this opportunity to gain some experience behind as they go through their daily routines.

The next resource we often overlook is one you can find is even closer to home. In my opinion, our professors are the most underrated resource available to us. Not many students know exactly how much professors do and what resources they are able to provide. First, they take part in some amazing research. Whether it is brain cell research, or the philosophy of problem solving, they are conducting real world research that can make an enormous difference. Second, they want to help you. They understand your situation, your stress, and willingness to learn. But what students need to realize is that the professors are not going to hand you opportunities, rather you need to approach them. They have a lot of students and can’t offer these opportunities to everyone. Whether it is accompanying them in their research, networking with people they know in the industry, or even landing you that next internship, there are many ways faculty can help.

Now let's look at each other and think of what we are capable. More than 50,000 brilliant, diverse, and hungry minds. Aren't you curious what those put together can accomplish? I sure am. Whether it is an organization or a club, a study group, or even work like CLAgency, more brilliant minds need to come together. Because when they do, fresh ideas meet amazing results, and it is something the U prides itself. You got accepted into this University for a reason so prove it!

This University does some amazing things. Whether it is helping you get in touch with companies downtown, or providing resources from your professors, this University can help you. College is meant to prepare you for your career, and the combination of your classes and real world experience is the best way to get that.


Scott MeyerComment