Things We Miss From Our Childhood - Candy

Halloween has just passed and copious amounts of candy have been consumed. Halloween is a time where it is acceptable to act like children and where calories don’t count. Candies like Milky Way, Snickers, Reese's, Kit Kat, M&Ms, and Skittles are just some of the many common candies given out on Halloween. Being able to be a kid again for one night is something everyone looks forward to. However, Halloween doesn’t provide us with the candies that truly made up our childhood. So, let’s take a blast to the past to remember some of the retro candies we may miss:


Gummi Meals:

When you would try to trick your parents into having this meal for dinner.


Band-Aid Bubble Gum:

Because the best band-aid and cure to any cut or scratch is candy!


Wonder Ball:

Because the only thing better than a ball of chocolate is more candy inside.


Lipstick Suckers

When you want to look like your mom applying lipstick but she would only let you near a fake kind.



Recess wouldn’t have been as much fun without seeing who could eat the most Warheads without making a sour face.



Because just like Ash from Pokemon, you gotta “catch” ‘em all.


Hubba Bubba Gum:

When you made your friends measure your height in Hubba Bubba because it was way cooler to say how many Hubba Bubba rolls tall you were.

Candy Buttons:

The only time eating paper was acceptable because the candy was so worth it.


Pop Rocks:

Nothing else was more fun than seeing who could handle the most Pop Rocks popping at once.


Fruit Stripe:

Nothing is better than a zebra playing soccer.

No one understands nostalgia quite like us 90’s kids does. Share with us on Twitter your favorite candy from your childhood and any memories you have with them!  @clagency_umn


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