The Real New Jersey


“And no, I do not know Snooki or Mike the Situation”. This is my statement that immediately precedes when I tell someone I am from New Jersey. I am proud to call myself a born and raised Jersey girl, because where I’m from, I experience every season, enjoy the best bagels and pizza in the world, and take a stroll down the shoreline. In effort to silence jersey haters, I have denied some of the common misconceptions of the beautiful Garden State:

Stereotype #1 : Everyone from New Jersey lives right next to a beach.

The Truth : The closest thing my town had to a beach was a few meters of sand in front of the its lake entrance. Although people from New Jersey spend a decent amount of their time down the shore during the summer, there are many of us who live in suburbs with woods in our backyards or possibly even a farm.

Stereotype #2 : People from New Jersey are unfriendly and downright mean.

The Truth : Seldom are those who don’t hold the door and use their please and thank yous. We might seem tough and rigid on the outside, but I can honestly say, people from Jersey have warm and welcoming hearts. Whether a tragedy struck your town or a natural disaster threatened your entire state, New Jerseyans are always with helping hands. We may have the tendency to talk loudly and bluntly, but it’s out of the kindness of our hearts; we just have a lot to say.

Stereotype #3 : New Jerseyans love to fist pump.

The Truth: No, just no.
Well, I hope some readers have learned what New Jersey really is like. And if you disagree with my truths….come at me, bro.



Scott MeyerComment