The Feelings of a College Student feat. “The Office”

All of us college students know the stress and the constant struggle of pursuing that hallowed piece of paper that determines the success of our future. I’m here to let you know that those feelings you have on a day-to-day basis are normal and even expected from college-goers everywhere. Here are a few of those emotions we are all too familiar with, expressed by our good friends Dwight and Michael.

“You have a paper, presentation, exam and quiz tomorrow.”



Sitting in your upper-level classes

When the professor cold-calls on you

When you’ve had a stressful week but it’s finally Friday.



Having to stay in and do homework while your friends go out


Trying to get along with your assigned group-mates


Getting a ‘C’ when you thought you failed


When you’re in an interview and they ask “What are your strengths?”


And “What’s your greatest weakness?


That feeling during finals week




Senior year



Thinking about your student-debt


Realizing you are entering the “Real-World”



Next time you think you’re the only one struggling through this college thing, know you’re not alone.



Scott MeyerComment