The Drake Experiment

Go to a party. Drake. Go to a hip-hop show. Drake. Watch TV. Drake. Look at your phone. Probably Drake.

Pop culture superstar Aubrey Graham or better known as Drake has reached, in my opinion, the pinnacle of superstardom. Not a week goes by without people talking about him in some form or another and no matter where you are his music is always present. As my sister put it today in our conversation regarding said overlord, “I think he should run for president.” We’ve reached peak Drake and you can’t do anything about it.

To test this, on the 5th of November 2015 I decided to conduct what I called the Drake Experiment. Simply put I exclusively listened to music that was either by Drake or featuring him and below is a log of my thoughts throughout the day. Now you may be wondering “David, what could possibly be the purpose of this?” I need to prove my statements calling Drake a pop culture superstar, and thus I am conducting this super-scientific experiment. This experiment will see if I, a Drake fan, can become annoyed by his music. If so then I will admit I am engaging in hyperbole, if not then I have proven myself correct.

Found below are my observations and findings.

10:00 AM Just Hold On We’re Going Home - I wake up and like all people my age start my day by looking at my cell phone.

So it begins. I decide to start with “Just Hold on We’re Going Home” a very radio friendly tune that I enjoyed a lot back in its heyday.

10:03 AM Just Hold On We’re Going Home - Still an enjoyable song it turns out, and really vibes to the brushing of teeth.

12:00 PM Over My Dead Body - I’ve decided to go out for lunch today to get tacos at Burrito Loco, but can’t find my keys. If you haven’t heard this song, it’s the intro to his Grammy-winning Album Take Care and is fairly inspirational (although I don’t enjoy the album that much.) The song makes me want to find my keys and get tacos.

12:15 PM Big Rings - Made it to Burrito Loco and got some tacos, I notice a NPR - The Current poster. I actually really enjoy The Current and kind of want to tune in for a bit, but stop myself. Today is for higher purposes.

2:00 PM HOTLINE BLING - I had begun to worry that I wouldn’t hear this song and the shuffle had a weird trend of playing a lot of Take Care music. Hotline Bling is a masterpiece and instantly makes my time at work better. If you haven’t seen the music video yet then stop whatever you’re doing and watch it.

3:15 PM Too Much - As I’m riding the circulator back to my apartment my favorite song by Drake comes on.  Don’t think about it too much, too much, too much, too much // There’s no need for us to rush it through. Man Drake just gets it.

5:00 PM Jumpman - All my roommates have made it back from class and are starting to realize I’ve been playing Drake music since they’ve been home. I expect them to start to grow a little restless. Instead, perhaps the most outstanding finding of this experiment has occurred. They began to throw money in the air and dance. A breakthrough in this experiment.

9:00 PM ??? - Ran out of Drake music to listen to a while ago, started listening to repeats and also forgot to keep writing down my songs. Despite this I’ve been listening to Drake for 11 hours straight, this has to be a record right? Amazingly still not annoyed yet.

10:00 PM You & The 6 - Decide to end my Drake experiment a full 12 hours after I began with a song that has him hitting us right in the feels. You & The 6 is an ode to his mother and her efforts in helping him grow up. Touching stuff, makes me wanna call my mom.

Conclusion: Drake never got annoying, proving once and for all that he has become a pop culture superstar. This really has no room for interpretation and the case is closed.


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