MN Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks

           Hockey season, the time of the year in Minnesota that is more anticipated than a college student waiting for their 21st birthday or a child waiting for Christmas Day. The Wild, a young team with high potential for a Stanley Cup Championship, has won the first round in the playoffs of the Stanley Cup Tournament against the St. Louis Blues. After advancing, the Wild will play the Chicago Blackhawks in this upcoming round. This will be the third consecutive year the Wild and Blackhawks will face each other in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Blackhawks knocked the Wild out of the playoffs in game 6 with an overtime win. Last year’s upsetting loss for Minnesota Wild fans gives them that much more fire and excitement to be facing the Blackhawks again. Wild fans remain hopeful for this round because of the goalie changes. The past two years they have had issues with injuries. This year, Devan Dubnyk, the Minnesota Wild goalie, during the regular season managed to shut out the Blackhawks in one game and only allow one goal in another.

Blackhawks captain Jonathon Toews in reference to this years round 2 games against the Wild said, “I feel like they're getting better and better in a lot of ways every year. I think it's going to be the toughest test we've seen in a long time, so it's up to us. We know there's another level we need to get to."

           With about 80% of the University of Minnesota students being native Minnesotans, approximately 9% being from Wisconsin, and about 11% being out of state, the fan base on campus is split. Wisconsin does not have a professional NHL hockey team leaving them to mainly either pick between the Blackhawks and the Wild. There is also a large percentage out of the 11% other states that are students from Illinois. On game day, the tension is seen by the two different color jerseys and cheers being yelled to each opposing wearer. Blackhawks fans are looking for another Stanley Cup to add to their already existing 2 in the past 5 years and the Wild are looking for their first Stanley Cup championship.

Rivalry and redemption are in the air and I for one can’t wait to see how this round plays out!


Scott MeyerComment