How Much Longer Will I Call the Midwest Home?

“I can’t wait to move somewhere warm without snow or winter”

How many of you can honestly say you’ve never thought this to yourself? I know that I mutter a similar phrase regularly from November through March.

A year ago my siblings ( and I all lived in the Midwest. My brothers Vaughn and Jacob, along with myself, were preparing for our third round of finals at our respective Universities: Drake, Madison and Minnesota. My youngest sibling Olivia was midway through her junior year of high school and my oldest, Amanda, was pregnant with her second child. My older sister Lauren lived (and still does) just miles away in Uptown, and finally there were Mitchell and Jalen, who had their hands full with college applications preparing for graduation that Spring.     

Fast forward one year and half of my siblings live across the country. Amanda still lives in Illinois with my two devilishly handsome nephews and Lauren continues to work in Uptown. Olivia is finishing her senior year of high school while Jacob and I keep the Minnesota-Wisconsin rivalry alive.

Meanwhile, Vaughn recognized his studies at Drake weren’t align with his passions, so he transferred to the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) outside of Phoenix, where Jalen enrolled as a freshman at Arizona State. Mitchell, the de facto Genius in the family, made his way to the Colorado School of Mines.

It seems crazy to think that half of my family now calls somewhere outside of the Midwest ‘Home’. Reflecting on how much has changed in the past year led me to an excitifying* realization: It may not be too much longer before I call somewhere else home as well.

 *(It’s a thing, all the cool kids are saying it. Exciting + Terrifying = Excitifying. I’m making it happen.)

After graduation I’ll be-- scratch that. Within seconds of thinking about growing up and having a career I curled up in a ball and binge-watched ‘The Office’. Also, what is a 401k?

To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”




Scott MeyerComment