Choosing Your Home on Campus


When deciding where to live on the University of Minnesota Campus, there are a lot of factors that come into play. You have to worry about price, roommates, size, type of living space, utilities, location, parking, and much more. But, some of these things can be resolved once you narrow down your search. I am going to focus on three main aspects of the selection process: Location, price, and type.

Location is a huge part of the selection process, especially if you know your classes will be all on one bank. There are many different places to choose from, whether it is Como, Dinky town, Stadium Village, West Bank, or St. Paul. I will say after living in both Stadium Village and Dinky town, Dinky town is by far my favorite. Although it is a bit longer walk to some classes, the nightlife and location in general is amazing. There are plenty of great food venues, and there is always nothing short of a good time on the weekends. My advice: find your biggest priority (classes, nightlife, nearest stores/restaurants), and choose the location based on that.

Second, and probably the biggest factor to most college students, is price. Depending on your income, loans, and help from parents, price can be THE deciding factor in any rental decision. Based on past experience, Como tends to be the cheapest option, with Dinky town in second place. Apartments near campus seem to be the most expensive, especially if you want your own bedroom. My advice: lay out what you can afford, and make sure you are checking for if the utilities are included with rent while looking around. The bigger the house, the cheaper it will be. And if you are comfortable sharing a room with a friend, the rent will decrease substantially! 

Lastly, you need to decide what type of place you want to live in. Tying in to price, houses tend to be much cheaper than apartments, especially if you want your own room. But, there are pros and cons to both. I live in a house in Dinky Town, and I love it. We can throw parties, have a large living room and kitchen, and we have three floors. But, it is a chore to clean the place, and it is hard getting everyone on the same page. In an apartment, it lacks in size and personality, but makes up for itself in cleanliness, reliability, and modernity. I will put it this way; decide whether you want to host the party or the pregame. If you answer that question, you have your decision! 

Take all three of these into account, and you have narrowed your search down immensely. Now it is probably down to roommates, which unfortunately I can’t pick your roommates for you. Good luck! 

By: Mitchell Leonard

Scott MeyerComment