A Short Note to Content Creators


We work in a difficult area. There is such an aversion to sharing work in order to protect the industry. Photography has been a bit of a black box for the last few hundred years. Just recently has the veil been slightly lifted but there has always been a fear of sharing. This fear hold the entire industry back. Collaboration, sharing and especially critique are how we grow as creators and as an industry. So seek out information and find someone who can work with you.

If you are looking for places to find information, I’ll give you my favorites.

Lynda- Lynda is an awesome resource. You can honestly learn anything on Lynda. They have programs on video, web developing, lighting and software. My only caveat is that they may go too in depth. The episodes tend to take a long time but they are all encompassing. lynda.com lynda.umn.edu

Creative Live- CL is the brainchild of a photographer I’ve been following for a long time, Chase Jarvis. CL is a collection of free live classes to spark your next idea. Just like Lynda, Creative Live has an abundance of information but it tends to be a little more conceptual than Lynda. creativelive.com youtube.com/user/creativelive

Casey Neistat- If you want to learn how to tell a story (and you should) look no further than Casey. Watch some of his most popular videos to find out how to tell an Oscar worthy story with an iPhone. youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

Your Network- You know a surprising amount of people who do something interesting. Find out their story. Find out how to work together. Do something interesting together. If you are a photographer, find someone who writes. Value the cross pollination.

I love the feeling of working with people because they come at a problem from a totally different direction than I do. They drive me to think different and think creatively. I have challenged myself to seek out honest critique from other creators that I trust. It’s time to teach and learn together, to find a new way of doing something and to open an invitation to collaborate. So here is my invitation. I want to teach and critique and learn a new tool. I want honesty about my work and I want to get better. Putting ourselves out there is the best way to get better so ask more questions, show more work and talk to someone else.

Lets work together.



Scott MeyerComment