African American and African Studies Newsletters



A Degree That Prepared Him for the World 

DeSean Smedley is a man whose passion can be felt by everyone that crosses his path. His degree in African American & African Studies not only fueled his fire, but it also gave him the knowledge, courage, and support needed to shape his future into whatever he desires.


Reinventing Our Vision of the Atlantic World

Professor Atkins does not operate within the confines of intellectual limitations, nor does she simply accept “facts” as indisputable truths. Her research was birthed between the holes found in pre existing literature on the South Africa/United States connection. Her project not only fills in the gaps, but it also recreates the entire narrative.


Partnering With High Schools to Fix an Education Gap

A partnership between the Department of African American & African Studies and three area high schools seeks to remedy a gap in ethnic studies education, all too typical in school curricula, while helping students from underrepresented populations see themselves on a college campus. Introduction to African American Studies, created by Professor Rose Brewer and taught through College in the Schools by teachers is the first ethnic studies course offered and is being piloted this year.