So how do our students “bring it” when they are asked to meet these ever-increasing demands of online and offline marketing and public relations?

Our students, who represent 16 diverse majors and 15 different minors, bring their values of liberal arts to the forefront so our workplace embodies the curiosity, engagement, and ambition needed to be a liberal arts scholar. 

Ever since our virtual and actual world have collided, ideas have constantly driven the then, now, and what’s next. As students who are tapped into the latest technology, we develop content that takes what’s trending and reveals the liberal arts story within.

Just like college students adapt to a new lifestyle and set of expectations, our student-run agency has evolved rapidly, rocketing from only six Account Executives in September 2014 to over 25 professional student employees today.

Our Account Executives are always on the go, which only encourages them to keep thinking forward. We make our clients part of our campus experience by bringing their values and goals literally into our daily routine. We are dedicated, flexible, and always looking for the next “big thing” that we can do to keep liberal arts fresh and progressive – just like the students who study it.