The Scottish Ballet

By Chuying Xie

Last Saturday at 8:00pm, Scotland’s National Dance Company's the Scottish Ballet played the energetic Highland Fling at Northrop. My friend and I, and especially this lady sitting beside us, were laughing through the show, from the club full of drunks, to the woods of the sprites, until the tragic ending.

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A note on anxiety

By Jenny Ochu

Around two months ago, my leadership class embarked on a journey together for three weeks. It began relatively easily. We took turns presenting for seven minutes on our personal leadership journeys, which meant opening up about the experiences in our lives that make us us. We quickly founded our close knit community built by 26 complete strangers who discovered commonalities in each others lives during these presentations, and it has without a doubt been one of the best classroom experiences in my college career.

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Summer Music

Mitch Leonard

If today's 65 and sunny weather is any indication, summer is right around the corner. Which means new music will be dropped, speakers will come up, and the patios of Minnesota will be packed. But the best thing about summer music is that there are so many different genres that work. From Hip Hop to Country, Indie to classic rock, there seems to be something about each one that just fits with summer.

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A Letter to Nora Paul

Chuying Xie

I brought the news back from my news writing and reporting class in the J school one day: Nora is leaving. I was doing an interview with my friend X and we were talking about our journalism professor, Nora Paul. I knew X liked her classes and I was writing this “mock obituary” assignment on Nora for a news writing practice, so I wanted to know what her experiences were like being Nora’s student.

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