Hottest Trend of the Season: Summer Class!

By Grace Brang

Beyond the current trends of the cold shoulder (the shirts/dresses, not the attitude), avocado toast, and those red one-piece swimsuits everyone vied for on Instagram, one summer trend has withstood the test of time – summer classes!

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A Walk in the Woods: How to Get Away Without Leaving the City

By Graham Smith

With all of the stresses and responsibilities that come with being a college student at the University of Minnesota, sometimes you just need some time to disconnect, put your aside the oppression of your to-do list for a few hours, and clear your mind. For some, this outlet might come in the form of yoga, exercise, or binge-watching Netflix. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing and refreshing than turning my phone to airplane mode, putting on some sturdy shoes, and finding a place where I’m surrounded by trees and water and where I feel like I’m far away from the hordes of stressed college students and fluorescent-lit buildings that fill the U’s campus.

Shattering Expectations in 168 hours:

By Maggie Bruneau

In one week, there are 168 hours. However, each individual only has a certain amount of free time. Watch the video that was put together by our creative team as they explain how a typical college student manages their time.

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