CLAgency Alumni Spotlight: Katelyn Faulks

“One of the biggest things I have learned is empathy: how to put the needs of my client at the forefront of my mind and negotiate with and for them. In a way, this job helped me begin to test out what I learned in class in a real world setting.” Katelyn Faulks reflects on her time at CLAgency and her lessons learned in her Alumni Spotlight!

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CLAgency Alumni Spotlight: Brian Ruedinger

“I would like CLAgency to expand so that it serves as a model for other universities.”

Brian is a senior graduating this May 2017! He will have a degree in Psychology and minors in Philosophy and Neuroscience. He was an amazing asset to the CLAgency team, as the Account Executive for Psychology for almost two years. CLAgency thrives of diversity in skillsets, and Brian brought an analytical and thoughtful approach to the team’s work.

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CLAgency Alumni Spotlight: Robert Koons

Robert graduated in December 2016 with a major in Economics and a minor in Management. He managed the Global Studies department for a year, while with CLAgency. Robbie was always known or his great sense of humor and constant enthusiasm – especially during CLAgency parties! 

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